Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy birthday my little Princess

It has been almost impossible for me to scribble my random thoughts with my little darling keeping me on toes all these years. This fondly created blog, which held my hand when I signed off from my career , has been almost void for almost five years from now. The reason being something more bubbly, naughty and challenging has been embraced by my hands and thoughts- none other than my little princess!!!!

Today, I sit down on the couch reminiscing the day you arrived into our lives and how time has passed that you are now all ready for your kindergarten. All these years, you have been with me right from the time I start the day, going around each activity together be it eating, playing , reading or sleeping. We scream at each other , cuddle each other and are seamlessly busy than anyone else that I never realized i needed to do anything beyond being with you. The day you put your arms around me for the first time and said- " mom, I love you ", when I was really mad not sure at whom or for what; it was a magic like the fairies from the heaven!!May be this is what it is all about having a Princess!😍

The reason my thought wanders in your love, warmth and of course your tantrums today is that tomorrow you are turning five and slowly the little fingers are drifting away from mine making me finger your memory, rather our five glorious years of memory.. Every time I make you a princess, you make sure that I am the queen. 

Happy birthday my little Princess! Be strong, cheerful and positive😊.God bless you with all the health, happiness, fortune and success in your every tiny step. Hold strong with your hero Anna and together unravel all the wonders of God's creations with love, humbleness, hard work , smiles and confidence. 

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